Anomaly, Delivering Fever Detection into the School Environment

Over the last few weeks Anomaly Group have been working with Ysgol Llandegfan School in Wales, to help create a “blueprint” for screening pupils, teachers and visitors as they remain partially open for the summer. 

Everyone entering the school will have their temperature taken by a trained member of staff using the T20 Infra-Red Thermal Fever Detector from Anomaly Fever Detection.  The handheld or tripod mounted device allows the operator to maintain a safe distance whilst delivering fast and accurate results to within ±0.5°C.

Having been developed in China since the 2003 SARS outbreak, Anomaly partnered with the manufacturer earlier this year.  The systems they produce are some of the most sophisticated and accurate available anywhere in the world.  The school believes this is a necessary safety feature that will assist them in monitoring the health and maintaining the flow of those entering the school’s premises whilst also providing peace of mind.

Mr Hood, head teacher states: “It has been a pleasure to work alongside Anomaly during this very difficult time.  They have assisted the school greatly and have kindly donated the aforementioned resources to assist us with delivering our “Check In, Catch Up, Prepare for Summer & September” offering to our pupils.  Although not necessary according to Welsh Assembly Guidance, I believe that these extra measures which we are able to put in place, will assist us with the task of rebuilding confidence within our school community as we approach September.